Citation Help

Citation refers to specific source of information systematically mentioned in the scholarly writing while using information as references. Proper citation is a valued and essential element of such work, which ensures the verification of referred information supported by reliable sources. Author/s of scholarly writing provides relevant information sources by using citation to avoid plagiarism. Definitely availability and accessibility of cited sources are considered as indispensible to verify the authentication of information provided in such writing, otherwise credibility of the work reduces to effect.
There are different types of citation style like- APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), Chicago style and Harvard style. APA and Harvard style are mostly used and the format of the citation depends on its style.
SEU Library provides citation help for research and advance study. Since APA and Harvard are most popular and highly used citation styles in worldwide research and academic sector, SEU Library orientation on citation style follows the standard flow, which is well accepted by SEU scholar community.
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